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Athletic Director: Chad Inman

Overview of Athletics Program

At Christian Academy, we seek to please the Lord in all we do. This striving extends to our athletics as well. Together as administration, coaches, players, parents and fans, we will strive for excellence in the following areas:

*Excellence in character as we live above reproach (Philippians 2:15)                                                                                          *Excellence in our service to the Lord (Luke 10:27)                                                                                                                             *Excellence in serving others (Ephesians 6:7)                                                                                                                                    *Excellence in communication (Ephesians 4:29)                                                                                                                               *Excellence in effort as we work toward improvement (Proverbs 16:3)

Christian Academy Schools is a proud member of the Ohio Valley Christian Conference (OVCC). Fellow Conference members include: Calvary Christian School, East Dayton Christian School, Temple Christian School, Dominion Academy and Spring Valley Academy along with CAS in the north division. The south division consists of the following members: DePaul Cristo Rey, Mars Hill Academy, Royalmont Academy, Immaculate Conception Academy and Mildord Christian Academy. Our athletes participate in volleyball, soccer, basketball and track in seasons.  We are also affiliated with the Ohio Christian Schools Athletic Association (OCSAA) which allows us to participate in state-wide end of the season tournaments in all sports, if we so choose.

Due to the size of our school and the costs that are associated with running a quality sports program, Christian Academy does require a fee to participate in our athletic program(s). There is a $200 fee per athlete for participation in an activity. There is a $50 fee for that student if they choose to participate in a second activity and only a $25 fee for that same athlete to participate in a third activity. These fees allow us to provide transportation to most away contests, hire quality and licensed officials, pay for bus drivers and utilities, to be able to afford end of the year awards to our athletes, and to be able to hire quality coaches for each sport.

Iron Eagle Award:
This award began in 1999 by Bruce Toal to recognize outstanding performance. This is our most prestigious award presented at the end of each sports season. This award is given to a high school junior or senior with recognized outstanding effort and exhibiting the following attributes:

1. Commitment – Bound to perform the actions and requirements necessary to complete the task. A commitment to academics as well as athletics is important.
2. Sportsmanship – Displays a consistent respect for teammates, opponents and coaches. The ability to win or lose graciously.
3. Performance – Demonstrates a high skill level and drive to reach the next level.
4. Spirituality – Understands and demonstrates the priority of God first in their lives.
5. Character – Above reproach.

Selection process: The Iron Eagle Award will be awarded based on the recommendation of the coach, superintendent, school administrators, teachers, and athletic director. This is not an automatic award but is only issued to athletes that represent these qualities.

Christian Academy Schools Athletic Boosters

The purpose of the CAS Athletic Boosters is “to procure funding for athletic uniforms & equipment to benefit student athletes/coaches of CAS. The Boosters will accomplish this purpose as they adhere to the statements of faith, vision and mission of CAS”. The Boosters will support, assist and serve CAS and its athletes. We at CAS believe that athletics are an important vehicle for the spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and social growth of our student athletes as well as our student body. We will support Christian Academy Schools in developing a quality athletic environment that always reflects a Christ-like attitude from participants, members and families.

The CAS Athletic Boosters will be non-profit. Membersip dues are $10. Any monies received will be spent to support the athletic programs at Christian Academy Schools and to cover any routine CAS Booster Club expenses. The Athletic Boosters funds may not be used to the benefit of any Booster Club member and/or their children except as they may benefit through a program sponsored by the CAS Athletic Boosters.

CAS Booster Officers for 2017-2018:

President –
Vice President –
Secretary –
Treasurer –    

School Sports


Soccer Co-ed Jr. High/Varsity (including 6th Grade)
Volleyball Girls Jr. High/Varsity (including 6th Grade)
Archery Co-ed Jr. High/Varsity (including 6th Grade)
Basketball Boys & Girls Jr. High/Varsity (including 6th Grade)
Track Co-ed Varsity

Sports Fees

$200, $50 for 2nd sport, $25 for 3rd sport

Permission to Travel

Students are expected to travel to and from games with the team or as arranged by the coaches. We realize that it may be a necessity for students to make other arrangements.

Students are required to get coaches’ permission to travel with a parent by completing this request form and submitting it to the school before the day of the game. Thank you for your cooperation.

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